So here I go, time to put the skills I’ve have been taught on my degree so far to use. The reason I’m writing this, I don’t want just another Newcastle fan site to pop up and people wonder if its just another site full of click bait!

Firstly a little bit about me. My names Carl, I have been a Newcastle fan long before I can remember and have never steered from that course, regardless of the lows that come with supporting the Toon. I am, as previously stated at University, as a mature student, studying Journalism and English Literature. The end game is to become a sports journalist, I know its a saturated field, but hopefully building this up I can prove I belong.

I am also a proud season ticket holder and resident of Block U in the upper Gallowgate, and have been for the past 2 years. This club is in my blood, which is why I choose to concentrate solely on the Toon, and not do a wider Premier League ‘news’ site. In the past couple of years I have written about our beloved club for Newcastle Fans TV, and experience that I have enjoyed. Not everyone liked the content I put out, but thats not the point, more importantly it started a conversation, it got people thinking, whether people disagreed or agreed with my take. This is the important bit, all thoughts are my own, I don’t have any sources in the game or the club as yet, so it will be merely looking at the news and putting my take on it.

This brings me to my aims for this site. I want it to be something Newcastle fans can enjoy and trust, and feel involved in. Even if I am one man, we are a wider supporter base, and its the getting involved that can help me improve as a writer and improve this site as I progress. This feeling involved is actually where the name for the site comes from. I put out a poll on my personal twitter account with three ideas I was playing with as a site title. It was this one ‘Tales from the Gallowgate’ which was the winner! So thank you to those who voted, so the name is picked by other fans straight from the off.

Like I say, this site will be mainly my opinion on what is happening at St James’, with some recount of the news that is happening around the club. As this goes I do hope to be able to get involved with the club too some extent and be able to bring interviews with club staff, bringing a different perspective on things…but to fair that could be years off.

I will concentrate purely on Twitter for the time being, slowly moving to a Facebook page. This is I believe that Twitter will help bring it too a wider audience, and get the conversation flowing better. Eventually at some point I will look to move into a YouTube channel, using friends from Uni to make it look professional, but the idea is at the minute is a monthly programme to recount the news, then progress into something more regular.

So there we go, the intro to ‘Tales of the Gallowgate’! Again thank you to those that voted and gave this site it’s name, and I hope you enjoy the work I put out!

For we are UNITED!!

follow me on twitter: @Carl_TftG & @TftGallowgate





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