For the first transfer window since I can remember, I really couldn’t care which players the club are linked with. It feels like they are the last thing we want to hear about this summer.

Let’s face it, the club are in turmoil! We are less than 2 weeks away from Rafa walking away from the club, and talk of a possible takeover and the end of Mike Ashley.

Every other day we seem to be linked with this player or that player, with players prices at £30m plus, and of course some bargain deals. We all know these deals will never happen.

What we want to hear is ANY update on talks with Rafa, or whether if the worse were to happen and the Spaniard manager was to leave, that the club have someone lined up! But it seems you are more likely to see a Mackem in Milan than the club give anything other than a ‘no comment’.

Plus we want to know who from the 1st of July will be funding any transfers, whether that be the current hierarchy or the talked about Bin Zayed Group.

I get that the fact the transfer window is open, clubs will be linked with players, whether it’s from ‘sources’ or the players agent saying we have looked at such and such a player! But what we ask from the media is: Read the room!! This is not the time to talk about incomings, unless it is at boardroom level.

As a journalism student we are told about the need to keep news updated by the minute, thanks to the explosion of social media over the past few years, and the need to fill virtual column space puts pressure on journalists to detail a story on anything NUFC based.

This is where I do feel sorry for some of the Journalists out there, with the stonewalling they are receiving from the club, makes their job 100 times harder, in fact it feels like they might aswell be banned again, wouldn’t make a bit of difference.

But at a time when we are begging for answers about who will be running pre-season, who will be sanctioning signings, if there is time after this mess! We don’t need to know who may or may not be playing for a possibly managerless, rudderless Newcastle United!

We basically have 12 days of not knowing what is happening, we may have a better clue what the direction the club is heading in come 1st of July! Then we can talk about transfers….possibly!!



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