Like many others reading this, I have given my life to supporting Newcastle United, and yes there have been ups and downs! But where we find ourselves now is nothing short of arrogant and embarrassing from the club we put our heart and soul into.

After each season with Ashley in charge of the club, we have been in a position to build, but it has never happened and the club has been allowed to stagnate. However we as fans have always been of a case, this is our club, we will continue to support them, and see what happens, always living in hope. Never has that been more of the case than over the past 3 1/2 years with Rafa Benitez in charge.

It probably comes as no surprise they have managed to out-do themselves this summer. The fact they have allowed Rafa’s contract to run down, and by all reports have offered him a contract they deem acceptable! This is a contract to literally tie the hands of a champions league manager, a manager who year after year is part of an Elite Managers conference with UEFA.


Then you have yet another proposed Takeover! Now I am more optimistic on this one, but that is falling by the day. From a business point of view I can understand…sort of, the fact no signings have been incoming! But that is the least of the problem. The owner runs around the high street thinking the world owes him a favour, assuming everyone should let him buy them, and throws his dummy out when they won’t let him have more control (Debenhams comes to mind). Then you have his three stooges. Keith Bishop as supposed PR guru, couldn’t sell a prostitute in a brothel, but from the outside seems to get members of the Cockney Mafia air time. Justin Barnes is a lawyer that just seemed to pop up, with no official position at the club, but seems to be running it. He also seems to be controlling negotiations for the clubs sale, as the owner can’t even be bothered to sell his own commodity. Then theres Lee ‘Penfold’ Charnley, the childish cretin stuck between a trying Rafa and the Council of Evil.

ashley lies

This inability to even do the simplest of jobs, this virus has somehow worked its way down to the other people working in the club. I want to state now that I don’t blame the general club staff in any fashion, they like the manager have their hands tied in regards to what they can and can’t do.

But in a summer when we have needed answers more than any other, there is a wall between the fanbase, journalist’s and the club. If it carries on the media staff will be saying ‘No comment’ in their sleep. But lets be fair no one at the club will know whats going on! That information is only for the privileged few. Let’s not forget that season ticket prices have risen by 5%, and we have the most expensive top in the Premier League. The club are literally spitting in the face of everyone of us.

It sounds a cliche, but the fans are literally the lifeblood of tis club. You just have to look at the clubs history. Shortly after East End and West End merged to form United, they faced financial difficulties, and had to ask the fans to buy into a share scheme to save the club. In the 80’s the club was on its knees, facing relegation in the face and the possibility of becoming extinct, up steps John Hall, Freddie Fletcher, Freddie Shephard, three local business men to save the club, brought in Keegan as a player, and the rest is history.

Many of us of a certain age will remember the good times, for me, The Entertainers, Dalglish and Gullit walking out at Wembley in a cup final, and the Sir Bobby Years! Thats why this hurts all the more.

Now comes the kicker for me, and before anyone ask’s…yes I have renewed my season ticket. This is not some sort of ‘Support the Team, not the Regime’ stance! This is me and my family couldn’t really afford to buy match tickets never mind a season ticket when I was younger, yes I went to the odd game, but nowhere near as much as I wanted. Then I moved down to the midlands for 10 years of feeling like I was on the outside of the club. I moved back up little over two years ago, first thing I wanted was a season ticket, and now I’m in a position to buy one, its my main expense. Sitting in the Gallowgate, as my Dad and Granda did before me, its a family connection, its 90 minutes of nothing else matters apart from whats happening on the pitch.

I know there are people who will refuse to give the club any money, and I respect that, and there will be people like me who will be inside St James come the opening game, and I respect that choice as well. There doesn’t have to be a division on this, we can make a stance by not going, but use the people that turn up as well. But thats more for the NUST, The Magpie Group and others to discuss.

But I digress, the running of the club, has become that of a laughing stock! Yes there are clubs in lower leagues that probably have it worse, but this is a Big Club in the history of English football, one of the few clubs to bring back a European trophy, numerous wins in the FA Cup, and at times playing a brand of football that made the Toon everyone’s second team.

keegan quote

The ownership have consistently s*** on the fans, and those associated with the club. Legends and players have been pushed out by the powers that be, because they spoke out. In our first relegation Shearer was left in the dark as to whether he would be back, with no communication from the club, and look it’s happening again.

The tide is turning, and this once loyal fanbase are losing their passion, their love because one man and his stooges are sucking it out of us. Mike Ashley is a parasite in the world of business, I’ve never known a business owner be called in front of parliament so many times because of how unethically he has run ONE of his business’. But he is literally a cancer in the world of football, the fact the FA and Premier League let him get away with his running of Newcastle, allows other owners to think they can do the same, not on the same scale, but they know no repercussions will be coming their way.

The club is toxic and it needs a cleanse! Until a takeover happens that won’t happen. It doesn’t matter whether we still go to games, it doesn’t matter if we still have Sky and BT subscriptions, that man will always find a way to make money, and while he is making a profit from the club he couldn’t care. The club is embarrassing, and it feels like we as a fan base need a voice. The fans forum doesn’t work, the club don’t listen. It has to be the national media going after the club! What they going to do ban them all again? Just means there won’t be any coverage of the club from inside, no free advertising!.

Things need to change, but it is clear from this summer that the club couldn’t give a shit about the fans, so why would us doing anything matter one bit to Ashley and what is left of Cockney Mafia?






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