As weeks go this has possibly been the worse one at Newcastle United for a while. Monday saw the official first day without former manager Rafa Benitez, and today (4/7/19) saw the confirmation of the sale of Ayoze Perez to Leicester City.

This summer, to coincide with the last 12, has proved to Newcastle fans that the club lack ambition, and a desire to progress the club back to the levels that Kevin Keegan, Sir Bobby Robson and even Joe Harvey took the club.

Newcastle fans have been ridiculed by those outside the area for ‘demanding to win trophies and be in the elite of the league’. When in truth all we have wanted, not demanded, is a club that tries.

With the exits of both Spaniards in the space of a week, they have both confirmed the lack of ambition from those at the top of the club. Perez took a not so subtle dig at the clubs hierarchy when asked about his transfer to the midlands:

The club want to keep growing as much as they can and that’s something I like

Rafa in comparison didn’t hide his feelings towards the lack of direction from the club, causing him to believe it was time to move on for a better project! A sign to how low the ambition has sunk, if indeed there ever was any, by taking a ‘project’ in China.

With two departing important figures from the past three seasons at Newcastle, both saying things along the same lines, it is time for those not associated with the club or the region to take note that we haven’t just been on Mime Ashley’s back for the sake of it.

Ashley himself has said continuously that he will only sell the club to someone who can take it forward, and from Rafa’s and Ayo’s comments, confirming something we as fans have known for a while, that seems to be anyone who can prove they have the funds to buy the club.

The ambition is not just to finish higher up the league, and supplying a squad to whoever is manager in order to compete. But it is also simple things like a decent training centre for the playing staff to use, and to clean up the stadium, which in some areas looks like it is falling apart.

It is time for those that advise Ashley that it is time to improve the infrastructure at the club, because how many more players do we have to lose because they feel like they won’t go anywhere while staying at the club, or to advise him to take the reported Bin Zayed Groups bid, so he doesn’t have to do the one thing he hates……spending money.

With such public statements about lack of ambition at the club, it is also time for the mainstream media to start asking the hard questions of the club, because at the minute we run the risk of being left behind by Championship sides never mind Premier League sides, who we should at least be on par with.



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