After weeks with little to no news from the club or the proposed bidders in the form of the Bin Zayed Group around the possible takeover, and an end to the tenure of Mike Ashley, an update from the Middle East was given on Monday morning.

Peter Redding, a sports presenter for Capital Radio in the UAE, brought the update from his twitter account.

The question from nearly every Newcastle fan was, and without reason, what does all this mean? This is just my reading of the situation, and could be far off!

As I see it, this seems to confirm this time round Ashley is a willing seller, having in BZG’s own words worked with them to move everything along. The kicker is though the quote that if it doesn’t go through, it would not be for lack of trying!

To me this implies that it is all with the Premier League at the moment, and the Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA) can be signed once they give the ok to complete the deal. There however may still be issues that the Premier League need an answer too.

The possible questions could be clauses put into the SPA by the selling party, most possibly down to sponsorship or retail issues, or problems with the ‘Owners and Directors Test’, which has replaced the Fit and Proper Persons test.

Many questions have arisen as too why the statement was put out on twitter? The second tweet may give an answer to that, and Peter did go on to explain further in another tweet:

The fact they have had to defend themselves against allegations from the British press, along the lines of ‘no official bid made’, ‘not with the Premier League’ and ‘have they got the money?’ Could have led them to decide to release the statement through an UAE based journalist, who to this point has been up to date with what is happening, including any and all upcoming statements.

More importantly, and this is something we should applaud, they wanted to communicate directly with the fan base, and allow us to make our own mind up as to what is happening, instead of going direct to local press, with the chance of negativity being added to what can be seen as a positive move.

I think we are in the final moments of this latest Takeover saga, and hopefully this week we will know one way or another, and if I am reading this right, all that’s left is the Premier League to say: “Pay the man!”

Undoubtedly we will see the worse in anything Newcastle related, that’s what the current regime have ingrained in us, but let’s look at the positives in this one. It does seem now it is a case of when not if, but we just need to await a final statement now, hopefully for the sake of moving forward will be sooner rather than later!



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