As I sit here looking out on Kos harbour, a few minutes to myself and the mind wanders! What is happening at home, any news from the club? A quick check on twitter confirms my fears.

We are a fan base divided, at war with each other, at war with journalists, and at war with the club! A summer that started of with so much promise, a takeover and the possibility of Rafa staying and hopefully building on last season, now seems more mythical than the sunken city of Atlantis.

A quick look just has endless tweets of NUFC not yet having a manager, and ‘talks’ are ongoing with Sheffield Wednesday for Steve Bruce, but similar to player transfers, a reluctance from the higher ups to pay the fee asked!

We have seen a string of decent managers and Sam Alladyce turn us down because of how the club is run! And yet we are struggling to get Steve Bruce ‘over the line!’ This whole episode describes to club beautifully.

But through this whole episode there has been on side of all this that has stayed annoyingly quiet. That not surprisingly is the club. Yes there have been tweets about the squad back in preseason, content about renewing season tickets, and buying the most expensive top in English football! But not a reason why, why should we turn up, why should we part with our hard cash, when all we want is something from the club to tell us what’s going on!

To say Newcastle has been a disappointment this summer would give the club too much credit! It’s at the point now instead of saying a bleed black and white, I now just look annoyed and say ‘it’s a long story!’

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