Steve Bruce would always be fighting a losing battle coming into the Newcastle job. Let’s face it there are only 3 managers, 4 at best who could replace Rafa Benitez, and 2 of them are competing for the league title!

That being said, after the initial shock of his appointment, I personally was in a small contingent of Newcastle fans willing to give Brucie a chance.

It was a mixed start to the season, topped of with mostly decent performances in pre-season, it looked like we should at least avoid relegation this season.

After the high of the Spurs result, and a decent outing against Leicester in the cup! However it has all changed since then.

If we thought it couldn’t get worse than the Norwich performance, we were wrong. The last couple of weeks the performances seem to be getting worse and worse.

The players seem to have no clue what they aren’t meant to be doing. With star men so far this season Issac Hayden and Fabian Schar questioning the tactics against Brighton, and tonight against Leicester we looked just as lost before Hayden’s red card as they did after.

But we have been here before! Cast your mind back a few years when we hired Steve McClaren as manager. A decent summer of decent signings, but a headless quality took over the team.

It feels the same this time round. Let’s be honest we do have a decent Premier League squad, but without direction look like they would struggle in League 1!

The club have to realise the gamble of bringing in ‘one of our own’ just isn’t working.

We were asked to judge after 10 games, which is fair. However 7 games in we look lost, and a certainty for relegation. Considering our next 3 games are Manchester United, Chelsea and Wolverhampton Wanderers, it’s fair to say we can judge now, because it will not get better from here.

The club left it too late to sack McClaren, and to be fair to the club they aren’t ones to follow a football trend and sack managers, however the time to act is now!

If we continue the way we are going, we will be in the championship next season, the quality we have in the squad will be picked apart, and we will not come back up at the first time of asking.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Steve Bruce as a person, but as a Premier League manager he just isn’t up to scratch in the modern game.

The club need to cut their losses and sack Bruce, and bring in a young progressive manager (Giovanni Van Bronkhurst anyone?) to try and turn things round in the remaining 30 games.

A new younger progressive manager might not work, but has to better than what we have. The club need to brave and admit they were wrong. If not for footballing reasons, another relegation will cost Ashley 10’s of millions in loss of value to the club, lack of top flight TV money and having to inject money back into the club to insure those things return.

Simple answer is we need a change, the club need to be brave and realise this and take a gamble! This team is better than it is showing, and the lack of quality comes from the top!

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