For the past few years as Newcastle fans, we have been able to set various things to a timetable. Perez wouldn’t start scoring until after Christmas (even though he’s proving that wrong at Leicester), the January transfer window will be built up with the phrase “if there is someone who will improve us, we will do everything to get them ‘over the line'” and as is customary this time of year, talk of a Newcastle takeover.

The takeover talk you can almost set your watch to, and is becoming somewhat of a joke among Newcastle fans, and an annoyance to others. This time it feels different, but for so many reasons.

News broke on Monday 16th December that Joe DeGrosa and his General America Capital Partners (GACP) Group had sold their interest in Ligue 1 side Bordeaux. The GACP group have had ties to former Manchester United and Chelsea Chief Executive Peter Kenyon, who over the past year and a half has been linked to a takeover on numerous occasions.

Because of these links, the Chronicle has run a number of articles detailing this split between GACP and Bordeaux and what it can mean for Newcastle. I personally don’t blame the Chronicle for doing this, I understand that there will be people who get on their backs about it, but this story could have possible ramifications for our beloved club.

Regardless of where you believe the past stories have come from, and by which I mean the letter from Kenyon, the ‘brochure’, whether you believe that Kieth Bishop has leaked these, and to be honest I don’t think he could promote a piss up in a brewery, or Ashley has asked Justin Barnes to have something to do with it, or whether Kenyon himself is the one ‘leaking’ such things to the press, I don’t think it matters. This story comes from none of those, it just so happens they have sold their shares and hold an interest in NUFC, sometimes 2+2 can equal 5!

So lets get to the question we are all asking: what does Carl think?

Well I think this is just a coincidence, and we are more likely to see C&A and Woolworths make a return to the high street. Honestly given the choice, I would rather Ashley held out for someone else to buy the club, if indeed that ever happens.

I took the time to read the brochure over the summer when it was released, and honestly think we could be in the same position, or worse off than we are now! There was talk of buy to sell, no talk of improving the academy or training grounds, and they were quite open about taking money out of the club for themselves as a ‘wage’! Now Ashley has his faults, and they are too numerous to mention, but do we really want to go from one to a group of them?

The other thought that crossed my mind was, have they sold their stake in Bordeaux to raise funds for NUFC, and as an article from our favourite local paper states, they have been talking to Justin Barnes in the background, who as far as I’m aware is in charge of that sort of thing for Ashley.

There will be many who will disagree with this next statement but….This time maybe we have to take Mike Ashley to his word. If this is the time when someone finally changes the name over the door, it won’t be played out in the papers. Which for me is a reason why previous bids have failed. Mike doesn’t like the media, and doesn’t like to do business in it. If you look at his purchases of Debenhams, House of Fraser and the such, there has been very little media coverage about it until it was actually done! It could be the same this time.

Personally I think we are nowhere near a takeover of Newcastle, as much as we may wish for the day it happens. For me personally Takeover talk hasn’t really happened this time round either, this is just the Chronicle doing their jobs and reporting something which may affect the club in which they cover!

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